Writing Reviews

“Ennis’ captivating script sparkles, weaving the contemporary with the classical. There’s high melodrama, horror and a huge dose of comedy. This is a well-judged piece of writing …quick, modern and witty prose. ”  The Review Hub

“Like its subject, Stewart Ennis’ script is a multi-faceted gothic collage that gives vent to the assorted voices in Mary’s head … a vivid cut-up of psychological light and shade that gets to the dark heart of the creative urge within.  The Herald

a fascinating and hilarious contemporary look back at Mary Shelley’s creation of Frankenstein. … a wonderfully engaging show.”  The Wee Review

“Electrifying theatre! Ennis’ script is profound and compelling. His themes of love, loss, place and identity are delivered with empathy and understanding; often dark but punctuated at intervals with spells of bright humour to bring light to the mood. ”  SEAL

“The teentastic-Georgia-Nicolson-style retelling of how Shelley lost her virginity at her mother’s graveside is stand-out hilarious.” Aunty Pat’s Film, Theatre & Telly Zine

“The script is a stonker!”  Enthusiastic audience member

“An intense exploration of the disturbance of the human psyche under the impact of seismic grief.”   The Herald

THE DARK ROOM (For Your Pleasure Productions)
“In the middle of a European war whose course may finally be determined by the impact of media images on public opinion, all the questions raised in the script have a horrifying immediacy. ” The Scotsman  

“This look at life through the lens of a contemporary war photographer seems chillingly familiar.  The swinging photographer/model scene poached from Antonioni’s Blow Up is inspired and hilarious.”  The Times

“A Scottish photographer reflects on the frostiness of his relationship with his parents, on the dehumanising effect of seeing the world through a lens, and on the skills, values and excitement involved in war photography. These are all strong strands in an intriguing piece of theatre.”   The Herald

“In a raucous and hilariously funny hour and a half, Ennis dismantles the Burns myth with consummate ease.” The Scotsman

“Ennis  gives his interpretation of what Burns would have to say on Scottish issues of the day. The comment is sharp and refreshing most notably on the refugee crisis.” The Stage

“An exquisite short play  imagining a telling conversation between a Richard-Long-type landscape artist, and a local woman he meets beside a boulder on a wild hillside, on one of his linear walks across Britain.  The Scotsman

THERAPIST (The Arches)
“Therapist – which invites you to imagine that you are the psychiatrist listening to a wife beater, is the most accomplished piece of writing in “I Confess. ” The Herald

THE FORGOTTEN ORCHARD  (Eco Drama)  Songwriter
“Ennis’s Ballad of the Bloody Ploughman is a superb piece of Burnsian storytelling revealing the tale of an impoverished ploughman who was caught scrumping apples and killed.”  The Scotsman

THE LITTLE MERMAID (The Arches)  Songwriter
In My Underwater Zoo…the best song about living in the sea since The Beatle’s Octopus’s Garden.” The Times