Commonwealth Games – Glasgow 2014 – Q.Poetics

Every day was a scorcher, every Glaswegian – even the police – looked like they’d walked straight out of a Mediterranean holiday brochure and everyone who came back the following year thinking Glasgow was always like that was in for some dreich and drearifu’ disenchantment.

I was lucky to be hired by Q.Poetics to make pictures and podcasts of Glasgow at its very very best.  As people stood in long hot queues at venues across the city, waiting to see their nation’s gymnasts or high divers,  Q.poets Skye Loneragan and Tawona Sitole inspired and entertained them with verbal gymnastics, linguistic twists and tucks; and tiny poems from their Q,Poetic poetry dispenser. I simply followed them around, documenting endless happy encounters between people…and poetry.

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