November 2018
Rites of Passage – Bardsea, Cumbria



A memorable few days of exploration in the company of kindred spirits.



We came from different walks of life but what we had in common was our love of life, and our fascination with the stuff of life.
We talked, laughed, cried and sang. We danced, we ate and we drank. We walked by moonlight and torchlight.


Of course we told stories, lots of stories. Everything we did was about the telling of a story!

We explored our role (as artists, singers, bakers, makers, healers, pets, performers, celebrants,  family & community members, and as elders) in the creation of rituals, ceremonies and rites of passage.

We looked for ways to mark the important moments in our families, communities and in our world, in ways that felt authentic and meaningful to us.